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Technical articles

08 June 2023

Consequences of A Poorly Designed Industrial Floor:

The design of industrial floors in warehouse, manufacturing, and distribution center's is a critical aspect that often goes unnoticed amidst the construction process. However, neglecting proper floor design can lead to...

08 February 2023

Consideration for a new Industrial Floor

An industrial concrete floor’s principal duty is to serve as the work surface for the intended use of the building.  Ideally, this working surface needs to be durable, flat and provide an uninterrupted platform. Unfortunately...

12 December 2022

Protecting your Concrete Asset: Is your industrial or commercial floor important to you?

Concrete slabs and pavements are all around us, and if we are building owners we will own a lot of the hard grey stuff yet how much...

30 September 2022

Disrupted Face Technology in Steel Armored Joints.

Armoured Joints are an important consideration when designing and constructing industrial floor slabs. Not using a steel armoured edge to protect the aris of the joints edge will result in...

29 September 2022

Thinking Smarter and Greener with GFRP Reinforcement and Dowels

Thinking Smarter and Greener with GFRP Reinforcement and dowels With tensile strength 2x that of steel and non corrosive, Casta Smart-Bar glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) rebar is designed to replace...

14 September 2022

GFRP Dowels and Corrosion Mitigation

How to mitigate the risk of corrosion in concrete though using Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymers (GFRP) Corrosion of steel dowels in concrete slabs have been an issue for as long...

14 September 2022

Understanding the importance of Load Transfer

What is load transfer? A concrete floor is often constructed in many panels and the point where one panel meets another is called a joint. Anything on top of the...

12 September 2022

Why care about Joints in a floor?

WHY CARE ABOUT JOINTS? We often get asked why we put so much emphasis on joint layout and joint type in our slab designs. There’s a specific reason for...