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Tuff-Form™ Plastic Boxing

Lightweight boxing, incredibly fast to set up before a job and clean up after.

Designed to replace heavy wet timber that warps and twists and requires nailing to pegs. Tuff-Form™ won’t absorb moisture or twist in the sun, giving you long lasting reusable boxing for many years.

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  • Power is not required to set up making it an excellent option for projects where electricity is not available or difficult to access.
  • The cost benefit calculations compared to timber boxing is compelling, with the life of Tuff-Form™ known to last in an excess of 10 years, which compared to timber boxing that might last two pours at best.
  • The greatest immediate cost benefit is the speed in which the boxing can be both set up and cleaned up, making projects more efficient and as a result happier clients.
  • 5.5m lengths
How it works

Tuff-Form™ comes in two types
– Flexible and Rigid

Flexible Boxing

Fantastic for boxing around curves, simply mark the curve out with the pegs and then bend the formwork around them quickly and easily attaching to the peg/pin with the camlocks.

Rigid Boxing

Provides a strong rigid length for boxing along straight sections. Easily installed in tandem with the Flexible boxing to build paths that have both curved and straight sections.

  • 5.5m per length
  • One length connector required per length (Flex 300mm requires two)
  • One camlock required approximately every 600-700mm
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