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Column Isolators

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How it works

Casta Column Isolators are a great option for your construction team onsite saving time and delivering a supremely finished floor.

The purpose of a column isolator is to separate the column from the main slab to allow the main slab to expand/contract and prevent unwanted uncontrolled cracking. Casta has developed isolators to suit different slab depths and column sizes that make it easy for onsite team members to install and help provide a classy finish to any internal concrete slab

  • Creates a clean void between slab and column
  • Mitigates the risk of uncontrolled cracking around any penetration
  • Manufactured to suit any column size
  • Reusable or leave in place.


Get in touch with our team today to discuss you size requirements for Casta Column isolators  0800 444 401.


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