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Casta StopForm Formwork

- use it on your next project.

How it works

Stremaform is making it easy to form a ‘Stop Pour’ in foundations, footing and slabs with the ability of the steel reinforcement to continue though the formwork.

When the concrete is poured behind the formwork, the raised part of the mesh opening is embedded in the concrete, creating a mechanical wedge that connects to the neighbouring pouring block, creating a strong connection and providing shear resistance to assure the joint’s exceptional quality.

By doing away with any drilling and furring on the second pour, construction time is substantially reduced while the joint’s strength is increased. As this is a permanent formwork system, the StopForm requires no time for disassembly, which speeds up the construction process while saving labour.

  • Allow for continuous reinforcement and a consistent bond between sections.
  • Good mechanical properties, low lateral pressure.
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and install.
  • Adapt to segmental concrete pouring.
  • Optimize the concreting process and increase the shear resistant interface.

Product Details