How to mitigate the risk of corrosion in concrete though using Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymers (GFRP)

Corrosion of steel dowels in concrete slabs have been an issue for as long as steel has been used in concrete. Risks have been reduced but far from mitigated though the introduction of stainless or galvanised steel but these products have constantly put pressures on construction costs and lead times along with still posing a risk of corrosion.

With the introduction of GFRP products Casta Group have provided the industry with a viable, cost effective and corrosion proof dowel and reinforcement system that is readily available.

GFRP products are made from high quality glass fibre which is then reinforced with a polyester resin creating a incredibly strong bar with tensile strength that is 2x greater than steel, high modulus, and a range of other physical and mechanical advantages .

GFRP dowels and bar are a cost effective solution that is suitable for most construction applications in New Zealand and Australia. Casta Smart-Dowels are light, fast to install and corrosion resistant making them ideal for those applications where corrosion is a concern

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