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Casta Smart-Bar GFRP Re-bar

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Greener, Stronger and more Durable Rebar

  • With high tensile strength (2x greater than steel), high modulus, and a range of physical and mechanical advantages, Smart-Bar™ leads the world in durable rebar.
  • Exceptional resistance to water and salts and provides excellent resistance to a range of chemicals
How it works

Thinking Smarter and Greener with GFRP Reinforcement Technology

With tensile strength 2x that of steel and non corrosive, Casta Smart-Bar™ glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) rebar is designed to replace steel reinforcement in almost any application both as primary or secondary reinforcement. It has been used globally for a number of years now in a range of applications to major infrastructure projects as well as in highly corrosive environments including underwater structures, coastal environments and industrial sites.

Smart-Bar is ACI, ASTM and CSA Grade III compliant making it easy for designers engineers to change from traditional rebar to GFRP rebar.

Why use Smart-Bar™?

The challenge for asset owners, design and engineering consultants is to gain the best design life cycle for a project, which has seen GFRP rebar prove itself, providing a competitive and sustainable advantage. Issues of corrosion are paramount, particularly in marine and coastal areas teamed with a warm environment.

Using Smart-Bar and Smart-Dowel as an alternative reinforcement to steel eliminates the risk of corrosion and associated costs. As there is no concrete spalling, maintenance and corrosion protection measures are not required. Based on life cycle cost analysis, the use of Smart-Bar provides competitive prices, zero maintenance, excellent durability, and long design life.

It has a high tensile strength (2x greater than steel), high modulus, and a range of physical and mechanical advantages, Smart-Bar leads the world in durable rebar.

key benefits

Smart-Bar™ provides a unique combination of mechanical properties and excellent durability. Ideal for use in challenging and corrosive environments.

Talk with the Casta team today to understand how you can replace steel mesh and bar in your project with this high performance reinforcement proven across USA, Saudi Arabia and now Australia and New Zealand

  • Non-conductive and electro-magnetically neutral
  • Non-magnetic – no interference with sensitive equipment
  • Lightweight: ¼ the weight of steel
  • Maintains good thermal insulation values
  • No thermal cycling impact. Thermal expansion coefficient closer to concrete than steel. Ideal for areas with extreme temperature cycles.
  • Over 100 years retention of strength and modulus in high pH environments
  • Low Environmental Impact. Consumes approximately 85% the embodied energy of steel


Corrosion Free

  • Coastal & Marine Application
  • Underwater structures
  • Foundations
  • Pipe sleepers
  • Bridge decks and approach slabs
  • Roads and infrastructure

High Chemical Resistance

  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Agricultural facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Chemical and fertilizer facilities


  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Power plants and transformer sites
  • Aluminum smelters
  • Light Rail
  • Prisons and security facilities
  • Tunnels
  • Mining Applications
Product Details
  • Casta Smart-Bar GFRP Re-bar

    GFRP Smart-Bar: Providing an extended asset lifespan and whole-of-life savings in the most aggressive environments.