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Precast Panel Backing Rod

- available online from  $125.00

How it works

Casta PCP Backing Rod  is suitable for domestic and commercial applications where gaps need to be sealed in conjunction with sealant or chalking compounds.

Always allow PCP Backing Rod to be 25-30% larger than the width of the gap requiring the filling. Ensure that the rod is firmly in place.

key benefits
  • Limits the amount and depth of the sealant applied into the joint.
  • Acts as a bond break to allow joint movement without undue stress to sealant.
  • Acts as a barrier to the flow of sealant through a joint.
  • Will assist in providing an around the window frame and penetrations through walls.
  • For use with pre-cast concrete slabs and joints between brick and masonry.
  • Easy to install, non-toxic, CFC-free.
  • No water absorption.
Product Details