‘Using the K-form system saved both time and money, and considering the tight time constraints, was a huge contributing factor in delivering the project on time. iNFORCE’s service was exemplary, ensuring product was always available and delivered on time’ – Tony Munro JFC/City Care JV Concrete/paving Manager

The process of placing concrete has not changed a lot over the years. In most cases timber forms are boxed out in squares – concrete is poured into alternating squares, the concrete hardens, the timber is stripped and then you come back to pour the ‘in-between’ squares.

Having to pour, then sit through drying time, then dismantle the boxing, then pour again, is obviously a very time consuming process.

On this project JFC + City Care chose our K-Form.

KForm is a cast-in-place permanent screed rail that is lightweight yet sturdy enough to support all common mechanical screed types because it is composed of uPVC. It offers control, construction, and isolation joints and is quick and simple to install.

To put it another way, after setting up and pouring, the KForm just remains in the ground.

Because KForm is a sacrificial formwork, the JFC + City Care JV didn’t have to spend critical project time with hit-and-miss pours on this Christchurch job. Instead, they used KForm to set up the entire area and pour everything at once.

Likewise, there was no need to diamond cut as the KForm acts as a control joint already cast in place, including a removable top strip to provide a clean, dry void for a sealant.


The K-Form Advantage for the JV;Saved Hours:

  • No hit and miss pouring, no shutter stripping, faster to place to accurate levels, no diamond cutting.

Lower Risk:

  • The risk of uncontrolled cracking was all but removed, which meant less risk of jack hammers, re-placing and any costly time penalties.

Cost Savings:

  • Labour hours, material costs, waste management, diamond cutting