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Conqor Protect - Curing, Waterproofing, Densifying

- available online from  $811.13

Conqor Protect:

A permanent clear treatment for new or old concrete. It seals the concrete internally, stops moisture migration, and preserves embedded steel. An advanced catalytic agent fills pores and voids, reduces internal chemical reactions, increases density and bonding strength and provides permanent hydrostatic sealing. Protect your concrete with Conqor protect for long – lasting durability, and strength.

How it works

Surface Preparation Guidelines for CONQOR PROTECT

Before applying CONQOR PROTECT, ensure the concrete surface:

  • Structurally sound
  • Free of contaminants and pervious coating
  • Clean and absorbent
  • Damp, but without standing water
  • Not frozen, and no freeze expected within 12 hours

Application Instructions:

  • Use an airless or motorized sprayer to atomize the product (pressure is not the crucial factor)
  • Apply to the point of concrete saturation  (usually at 4-5m²/litre coverage rate)
  • Make multiple light spray passes, starting with the next pass when the treated area has absorbed the product (lost surface sheen)
  • Do not allow the first application to dry; subsequent applications should be applied to a damp surface.
  • If necessary, dampen the surface with water before applying
  • Begin application at the lowest point, and work from bottom to top on vertical surfaces
  • Overlap fan spray patterns by 25-30% to ensure complete coverage

Coatings and Subsequent Finishes:

  • If applying a covering or coating, wait at least 72 hours after CONQOR PROTECT application
  • Standard surface preparation will be required, as with a standard concrete surface
  • Any finishing, coating, adhesive or subsequent finish formulated for use on concrete will be compatible with CONQOR PROTECT.


key benefits

CONQOR PROTECT offers comprehensive protection for concrete structures, shielding them from:

  • Carbonation
  • Dusting
  • Early Deterioration
  • Eliminates moisture migration
  • Maintains strength and durability of concrete structures

By eliminating moisture migration through the concrete, CONQOR PROTECT ensures long – term protection for the structure. Additionally, it neutralizes existing internal corrosives, such as:

  • Acids
  • Chlorides

This prevents internal chemical reactions in existing structures, providing a robust defense against damage and degradation. With CONQOR PROTECT, you can trust that your concrete structures will remain strong and durable for years to come.


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