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CastaCure Blankets

- available online from  $675.00

These synthetic wet curing covers provide a consistent controlled moisture environment for optimal concert slab curing. Suitable for slabs on ground, they withstand various weather conditions and can be used indoors.

Their high quality synthetic fibres ensure efficient water wicking, making them a reliable choice for a range of applications.

  • Improved hydration
  • Reduced discolouration
  • A more evenly cured concrete slab
  • Faster Installation time
How it works

CastaCure Concrete curing blankets provide optimal hydration, reduced discoloration, and a more evenly cued concrete slab. Made from non-woven synthetic fabric, these blankets trap and retain water, creating a 100% humidity environment that ensures superior curing results.

key benefits
  • Optimal Hydration Guaranteed

CastaCure blankets ensure optimal concrete hydration through their innovative non-woven fabric and water-trapping design, creating a 100% humid condition for strong and durable concrete.

  • Reduces Trapped Air & Discolouration

The CastaCure Blanket provides an extremely flat surface, ensuring no air is trapped, which helps to then reduce discolouration

  • Thermoregulation

CastaCure Blankets Maintain a consistent temperature, to speed up the drying process using a specialized white film that is resistant to the UV rays, deflects the suns heat away from the slabs surface providing effective thermal protection.

  • Suitable for both internal & External use


Minimum 300 m2 per roll. Higher coverage may be achieved depending on the circumstances.

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