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Casta have a range of concrete chemicals & accessories available to suit your next project.

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Concrete Release Agent

This water based environmentally safe concrete release agent reacts with the alkali content in concrete to form a bond breaking film.

Key benefits:
  • Stable emulsion – doesn’t require constant stirring
  • Effective in all types of moulds and formwork
  • Penetrates timber to help make it more water resistant
  • Useable on plastic and rubber
  • Is VOC compliant, non-toxic and environmentally safe

Concrete Remover

This is a biodegradable solution designed to soften and easily remove concrete or cement residues from tools or concrete placing equipment. It eliminates the need for hammering, sand blasting or chipping to remove old concrete residues.

Self-Adhesive Expansion Foam

Easy Form is an expansion joint filler for expansion/isolation joints in poured in situ concrete related construction. It is self-adhesive and has a ZIP TOP that can be torn off for when a sealant is to be used.

  • Anywhere an element needs to be permanently separated or provision made for expansion and contraction in concrete slabs: Pavements, driveways, floor slabs etc
  • Where driveways or pavements meet: building claddings, retaining walls, pre-poured columns, or plant bases
  • Between swimming pools and concrete paving
  • Solution to weed control between joints
  • Easy to use; Light, flexible and easily cut on site with a sharp knife

NB. When the application does not require a sealant, Easy-Form should be installed upside down, with the zipped top down to avoid unwanted removal.


The Tuff-Line String line system will revolutionise how you set up your concrete paving and excavation projects.

A simple to use system which will seriously speed up your setting up time and allows quick simple adjustment without the need for tools. Very fast vertical and horizontal adjustment by simply squeezing the clamp brackets and sliding to suit.

Either sold as individual parts or in 300m kits – each kit contains:

  • 40x 1200 steel pins
  • 40x speed clamps
  • 40x horizontal rods
  • 1x 300m string line
  • 1x tension winch


Keep your pins straight as you de-box, it makes is so easy.

Do you want to make your next concrete job quick and easy?

Do you want to make your next concrete job quick and easy?

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